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Are you a Scout in the Joliet Diocese Looking to Order Religious Recognitions? 

Congratulations on completing the requirements for your religious award! 


You will need to send in your ORIGINAL application from your workbook  (with all signatures complete!) and  the order by mail form with your check for payment. 

If you would like to be recognized at the upcoming Annual Religious Recognition Mass & Ceremony on May 4, 2025.You must have your application and order by mail form into the JDCCS by APRIL 20, 2025. 

For the Order-by-Mail form and FAQs and other details, please see our ordering page for details. 


Welcome to the JDCCS! 

Diocese of Joliet

Blanchette Catholic Center

16555 Weber Road

Crest Hill, Illinois 60403

(815) 834-4012

Rev. Stephen Eickhoff

Diocesan Scout Chaplain

Karen Dix

Committee Chair

Jim Elias

Diocesan Representative


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A one-day retreat for all Catholic Scouts in Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts of the USA, American Heritage Girls and all other Catholic Scouting Groups.

Join the "Marion" Brothers on their spiritual quest to get to know Jesus! 

What We Do 

The Joliet Diocese Catholic Committee on Scouting (JDCCS)  gives give guidance, direction, leadership, and vitality in the spiritual phase of scouting to all Catholic scouts and scouters in the Diocese, whether or not their units are parish supported. 

The JDCCS serves American Heritage Girls, Boy Scouts of America, Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts USA, and other Catholic youth groups. The committee is dedicated to promoting 'Duty to God' at each level of Scouting. Members serve under the authority of the Diocese of Joliet Office of Christian Formation. We are affiliated with the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, (NCCS), an advisory to the Boy Scouts of America, and associated with the National Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts and Camp Fire, (NCCGSCF), and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, (NFCYM). 

See our upcoming events, or learn more about the Catholic awards available to Boy Scouts and other scouts on this site.

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Get in Touch

16555 Weber Rd, Crest Hill, IL 60403, USA


Thanks for submitting!

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