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Training for Advisers

If you are NOT a Religious Recognitions Adviser yet, and would like to be,
please download the program specific information below and follow the
instructions laid out within them. Please read through them FIRST, and If
you have additional questions about how to be trained to be an Adviser, or
wish one on one training, please send your questions via email to:

As the religious emblems programs are meant to develop the youth’s faith
life, it is imperative that the participants be given the necessary skills to
accomplish this goal.

The religious recognition programs for grades K-6 are to be completed by a
parent or guardian with their child. They are not to be completed in a group

For the religious recognition programs for grades 7+, they are to be
completed with an adviser and are NOT to be presented as instructional or in
a classroom setting. For those in grades 7+, they are to work in small
groups where possible.


Adviser Training for Boy Scouts of America Emblems

Please view the powerpoint "Catholic Religious Recognitions
Overview." If you want to be trained for BSA emblems, read through
the Ad Altare Dei & Pope Pius XII training packet; then view the
powerpoints for your particular group.

Adviser Training - Catholic Religious Recognitions Overview
Advisor Training Packet for BSA Emblems: Ad Altare Dei & Pope
Pius XII
Additional PowerPoint- Ad Altare Dei
Additional PowerPoint Training - Pope Pius

Adviser Training for All Other Scout Medals

These programs are approved for ALL Catholic Scouts and are usually
sought by the Girl Scouts of the USA, Campfire, etc.

Adviser Training - Catholic Religious Recognitions Overview

Adviser Training - God Is Love, Family of God, I Live My Faith,
Mary, the First Disciple, The Spirit Alive & Mission

Chaplain Training for BSA

Recently the BSA Initiated New Online Training for Unit Chaplains,
Composed of Three Sections: Chaplain Roles and Responsibilities,
Religious Emblems and Awards, and Interfaith Considerations.

To Serve as a Chaplain or Chaplain Aide is a Unique Opportunity for
Ministry. While Serving in These Offices, You Will Have the
Opportunity to Help Scouts Grow, Both Physically and Spirituality.
Some Techniques to be Used are Modeling, Mentoring, and Offering
Faith Based Experiences. This Training Will Help Chaplains Become
Better Orientated to the Duties, Responsibilities, and Opportunities of
Chaplaincy Service.

Registered Leaders Can Access This Training Through Their Profile and Clicking Chaplain Training from the Other
Training Link on the page.

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