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Bronze Pelican Award 

About the Award

The Bronze Pelican Recognition is a Diocesan recognition given to adults who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in any Scouting program. A completed application for the recognition does not guarantee approval for the Recognition in a given year. Historical Significance of the Pelican as a symbol The pelican has been used since the earliest days of the Church as a symbol of Christ’s self-sacrificial giving of himself to his people. The pelican was often believed to pierce its own breast to provide lifegiving blood to its young, just as Christ shed his own lifeblood to give His children life. Although this belief actually occurs because of the appearance of the pelican’s pouch-like bill during the mother’s feeding of the young, the pelican remains an excellent symbol of adult leaders who give of themselves to nurture youth.


Who Qualifies? 

 The Bronze Pelican  may be presented to any adult, Scouter or non-Scouter, a member of the laity or religious, or a member of another faith in recognition of consistent support of the Scouting program under Catholic auspices, either within a Catholic chartered unit, or to Catholic youth in Scout units not chartered by the Church. Recipients of the Recognition must be exemplary adults and members in good standing in their respective positions in Scouting and in their faith communities and have the approval of their pastor(s) before the Recognition is given. Recipients may be Catholic men and women, including priests and religious, and non-Catholic individuals. Recipient does not earn BSA Adult Religious Knot as it is not a national award. The Bronze Pelican is typically awarded at a diocesan scouting ceremony or other event.

Criteria for the Bronze Pelican 

The following are some examples of ways the Criteria for the Recognition can be met. It is encouraged that a nominee meet several of the criteria for each section.

1.   Personal & Spiritual Growth and Development

  •  Active prayer life and regular reception of sacraments

  •  Participation in retreats or days of reflection

  • Models behavior that reflects Gospel values and the values of Scouting

2.   Promotion of Catholic Scouting

  • Promotion, participation, leadership, and service at Parish Scout Sunday Liturgy

  • Promotion of religious emblem programs to unit/parish

  • Recruitment of scouts for religious Recognitions

  • Training for religious Recognition counselor/facilitator/moderator/coordinator

  • Service as scout religious Recognitions counselors/facilitators

  • Service on religious Recognition Boards of Review

  • Service as Unit Chaplain

  • Promotes Quality Catholic Unit Recognitions

  • Promotes and participates in Scout Retreats

  • Promotes Annual Scout Religious Recognitions Ceremony 

  • Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership within the youth organization served

  • Promotes Catholic activities and service projects for the parish 


3.   Dedication & Service in Scouting

  • Completed orientation and training for the position(s) held in scouting

  • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in scouting

4.   Dedication & Service in Parish Life

  • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in the paris

  •  Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in the community

5.   Is not already a recipient of the St. George Emblem (which is the highest award)



2024                          Fr. John Horan, Ashley Voller, Karen Zeller

2023                          Stephen Bull,  Ryan Cavanaugh, Nicole Feldman

2022                          Esmeralda Bonk, Angelique Minett, Stephanie Quigley 

2021                           No Recipients 

2020                          David Burrell, Mollyann Hesser, Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler,  Jonathan 

                                   Micetich,  Jennifer Schifo

2019                           Ryan Thomas Barrie, Alan Berkey, Janet Schramek, Eric Vandergriff

2018                           No Recipients

2017                           Julie Micetich, James Schutzius, Teresa Sulich, Jayne Wildhirt 

2016                          Don Cameron, Janeen Feldman, Laura Hillard, Abbot Austin Murphy

2015                          Lauren Beranek, Joseph Gaul, Michael Mikos, Michael Nadeau, Sean 

                                  Nadeau, Victoria Pelletiere

2014                          Burrell Elmore, Phillip Hilliard, Matthew Zurek No Recipients

2013                          Donna Doody, William Doody, Matthew Zurek

2012                          Tanya Anderson, Marianne Deffenbaugh, Barbara Nadeau, Ken Kasper,

                                  Bill Mammosser,  Colleen Chorazyczewski

2011                          Mary Puccini & Kathleen Brilk

2010                         Chuck Keskel

2005                       John Picchietti

2003                       Larry Yakich'

1957                        Deacon Don Berkey

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