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St. Anne Medal

About the Award


The St. Anne Medal is the highest national recognition for adults who serve Catholic youth in national organizations that a diocese can bestow on an individual. The purpose of this recognition is to honor outstanding service of adults who contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic young people, and to further adult Catholic leadership in youth ministry through national youth organizations.

Who Qualifies? 

* The kind of person sought as a recipient of a national adult recognition should be one of excellent character and exemplary in every way.

* Recipients should be adults currently active with the organizations served (ideally, registered members).

* There are no national restrictions regarding recipients. Awards may be given to clergy, religious, non-Catholics, lay men or women.

* Catholic recipients should be exemplary Catholics, with the support of their parish community and their respective pastors.

* Non-Catholic recipients should also be supported by their congregations and clergy


The Nominee must meet #1 of the criteria and at least 7 of the others

Criteria St. Anne Medal 

1. Has given a minimum of seven years active service to youth as an adult member

2. Promotes the religious recognition programs for Catholic members and/or serves as a counselor. Encourages non-Catholic members to participate in the religious recognitions of their faith.

3. Gives notable service in promoting Catholic activities and service projects for the church and shows willingness to serve on like committees.

4. Participates actively in the adult spiritual motivation program, retreats, or days of recollection. Is instrumental in having others participate.

5. Gives outstanding service in promoting and participating in Scout/American Heritage/Camp Fire Sunday observances

6. Gives notable service in extending the national youth organizations to more members under Catholic auspices.

7. Assists parishes and Catholic organizations in recruiting adults for key leadership positions.

8. Is responsible when at camp for Catholic members attending Mass at Camporees and Summer Camp and assisting in the non-Catholic spiritual needs.

9. Is instrumental in organizing and promoting these programs for all members regardless of race or creed and give leadership.

10. Fosters good relationship with the organization they are affiliated with and is capable of interpreting Catholic programs to members of the organization.

11. Contributes to the spiritual development of Catholic members in youth organizations what would merit this award.

12. Record other contributions of the candidate with positions held and dates. Specifically, in regard to the activities of the parish, diocese, organizations served (Scouts, American Heritage, Camp Fire), business, Civic, religious, educational.



✓ The nomination criteria should be word processed or written legibly.

✓ The official nomination criteria form and application must be submitted with required signatures to the Joliet Diocese Catholic Committee on Scouting no later than February 15.

✓ The Selection Committee reviews all nomination materials and formally determines the recipients of the St. Anne Medal.

✓ Nominations and materials are considered confidential during the selection process. The committee will inform the respective nominator of the outcome of their nomination.

✓ The Selection Committee informs the recipients and invites them to the annual celebration at which the awards will be presented.





2022     Fr. Stephen Eickhoff

2021     No Recipients

2020     No Recipients

2019     Thomas Courtney & Karen Zeller

2018     No Recipients 

2017     No Recipients

2016     No Recipients

2015     No Recipients

2014     No Recipients

2013     No Recipients

2012     No Recipients

2011     No Recipients

2010     No Recipients

2009    Jeanne Gensler

2008    No Recipients

2007    No Recipients

2006    No Recipients

2005    Lois Tyznik

2004    Kathleen Kelley

2003    Jane Doyle

2002    No Recipients 

2001    Maureen Fahrenbach

1984    Rosemarie Courtney

1983    Bunny Schlachta

1980    Mary Ann Kren


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