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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal

About the Award


The St. Elizabeth Seton Medal is a diocesan recognition given to adults who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of youth. It may be presented to any adult, leader or non-leader, a member of the laity or religious, or a member of another faith in recognition of consistent support of the Scouting program under Catholic auspices. The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award was created by the Department of Education, USCC (now USCCB), in 1980 to recognize the significant contributions of persons serving the spiritual needs of Catholic members in organizations serving youth. It is offered to those dioceses that choose to use it, subject to the approval of the local ordinary. It is intended to recognize notable contributions to this field of youth ministry.

Who Qualifies? 

Recipients of the recognition must be exemplary adults and members in good standing in their respective positions in Scouting, American Heritage, or Camp Fire and in their faith communities and have the approval of their pastor(s) before the Recognition is given.


Criteria St. Elizabeth Seton Medal of the Diocese of Joliet

This medal is not self-nominating. A completed application for the recognition does not guarantee the award; those who qualify are determined by the JDCCS award committee. The nominee must meet Criteria #1 and at least three of the others. The nominee:

1.  Has given a minimum of three years active service to youth as an adult member

2. Participates in activities which contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic members of national organizations serving youth; e.g. retreat weekends, days of recollection, Scout/ American Heritage/Camp Fire Sunday observances, etc.

3. Promotes the religious recognition programs available to Catholic members in the diocese and/or serves as a counselor.


4. Participates actively in adult spiritual motivation days.

5. Is responsible for Catholic members fulfilling their responsibility to Mass while camping.


6. Contributes other service to the parish and community.

The following are some examples of ways the criteria for the recognition can be met: 


 1. Three years active service to youth as an adult member

       • Serves in a variety of ministries in youth formation

       • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in scouting


2. Personal & spiritual growth and development

        • Active prayer life and regular reception of sacraments

        • Participation in retreats or days of reflection

        • Reflects Gospel values and the values of Scouting, American Heritage and Camp Fire            programs.

3. Promotion of and participates in spiritual values and religious recognitions

        • Promotion, participation, leadership and service at parish Scout, American Heritage,                Camp Fire, Sunday liturgy, etc.

        • Promotion of religious medal programs to unit/parish

        • Recruitment of youth for religious recognitions

        • Training for religious recognition advisor/counselor/facilitator/moderator/coordinator

        • Serves as a religious recognition’s advisor/counselor/facilitator

        • Service on religious recognition Boards of Review

        • Promotes Quality Catholic Unit Recognitions

        • Promotes and participates in Scout, American Heritage, or Camp Fire Retreats

        • Promotes attendance at the Annual Dioceses Recognition Mass and Ceremony.

        • Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as parochial responsibility and                      Catholic leadership within the youth organization served

       • Promotes Catholic activities and service projects for the parish

4. Dedication & Service in Scouting

        • Completed orientation and training for position(s) held in Scouting, American 

           Heritage, or CampFire.

        • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in Scouting, American Heritage,

          or CampFire.


5. Participates in spiritual motivation days

       • Participates in conferences, retreat etc. to help one’s self.

       • Promotes and participates in youth ministry retreats


6. Dedication & service in parish and community

      • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in the Parish

      • Serves in a variety of capacities as an adult volunteer in the community







2022                           No Recipients

2021                           No Recipients 

2020                         Christine Caragher

2019                           Mary Beth Held, Kathy Wilson, Dina Wool 

2018                           No Recipients

2017                           No Recipients

2016                           Lori Balsamo & Julie Schaefer

2015                           No Recipients 2

2014                           No Recipients

2013                           Thomas Courtney

2012                           Colleen Chorazyczewski

2011                           No Recipients

2010                           Deborah Butler & Maura Martinello

2009                           No Recipients

2008                           No Recipients

2007                           No Recipients

2006                           No Recipients

2005                           No Recipients

2004                           Kelly Petrauskas, Robin Hill, Justine Olzewski

2003                           Sharon Rod & Beth Reinhard

2002                           No Recipients

2001                           No Recipients

2000                           Bunny Schlachta

1978                           Mary Ann Kren


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